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Save your valuable time and your hard-earned paycheck. We believe our professional services can assure men, women and company owners with fine quality services at affordable prices



Preferred Services provides you affordable and easy access to sensibly handle your personal or company matters. You make the decisions; we work at your direction.

For your convenience, you can often handle most routine procedures from your home or office. Correspondence by fax, mail, phone or e-mail saves you time and money.

Our compendium of professional services provide you with reasonable, efficient and reliable organizational, administrative, and self-help assistance for you or your company.


In contrast to similar professionals, we venture away from the norm to seek a new perspective for interesting solutions to your vexing problems.  We provide creative and resourceful implementation of existing maxims to overcome your obstacles with well-researched insights the other professionals don't offer.  While we strategize your situation and analyze the options available, ideas emerge to help you achieve the reasonable results you desire.


Preferred Services seeks to achieve justness by using the rule of law for its intended purpose: to protect. We work the system from the inside out using existing maxims that are intended to be used for the benefits of men and women, even when that rule is forgotten or ignored.


What we offer.


Aspire: Enhance, improve and enjoy your quality of life; generate a great income. Exchange your fiat paper dollars for real gold money!


Certified Forensic Disability Specialist: Assist to obtain court due process of ADAA accommodations for people with invisible disabilities-hidden impairments


Credit Analysis: Protect against identity theft. Purge your unsecured debt; remove inaccurate credit report items. Dispute debt collector demand for payment or threat of lawsuit, lien, levy, seizure, offset and/or wage garnishment, Challenge unverified claims from income tax and property tax debt collectors.


Document Abstractor to research public agency records for fact, error or fraud (mortgage, foreclosure, Notary robo-signing, signature forgery)


Estate plan effectively to eliminate costly Probate, avoid costly attorney fees and court expenses


Mediation: settle disputes affordably to avoid frustrating litigation time, costly attorney fees and annoying court expenses


Nonconsensual Taking:

Create or restructure your private sector company while providing document support to stop nonconsensual taking from paychecks of your private sector workers and contractors; and to stop reporting bad payer data for your private sector workers and contractors


Paralegals are para-professionals providing direct assistance to consumers with regard to a process in which the law may be involved, such as: small claims, uncontested or no-fault divorce or separation, research, name change (statutory or common law); document preparation. Civil or common law matters: cohabitation agreement, cohabitation ceremony (instead of a statutory marriage ceremony or prenuptial agreement)


Renters Recourse:  reply to correspondence from landlord or property manager re: habitability problems, repairs, deposits, pets, smoking, parking, clutter, noise, termination or reduction of services, unauthorized roommate or sublet, etc.


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If you decide to utilize our service, half the consultation fee will be applied toward your written contract with us.



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