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It's time all you private sector companies, body politic states, political subdivisions; private sector workers, independent contractors, sole proprietors; military personnel, or federal employees learn and accept who is subject to withholding or to payroll deductions for taxes, fees or other charges.

Private sector companies, body politic states and political subdivisions are NOT REQUIRED to enter into federal payroll deduction agreements (Internal Revenue Manual dated 09-30-2004), (This section is now conveniently missing in their revised version dated 09-26-2008.)


The filing of a withholding agreement (W-4 or W-9) is voluntary [26 CFR 31.3402(p)-1(b)].

The voluntary withholding agreement may be terminated at any time by the worker or the hiring entity [26 CFR 31.3402(p)-1(b)(2)].

Payroll deduction agreements for income taxes apply to CONSENTING employees of government agencies, federal employees and retirees, military personnel and Department of Defense employees who participate in the VOLUNTARY deduction program

The term "employee" as relevantly defined at 31 CFR 215.2(h)(1)(i) does not include retired personnel, pensioners, annuitants, or similar beneficiaries of the Federal Government, who are NOT performing active civilian service or persons receiving remuneration for services on a contract-fee basis. They are not subject to withholding and have no duty to file any form W-4 or W-9, unless they desire to VOLUNTARILY enter into agreements.



 Stop "giving away" up to 70% of the private sector worker paycheck.


Are you a government privileged entity, employee, officer or agent?

Are you engaged in a government regulated event, activity or commodity upon which an excise can be measured?


Probably not!


The District of Columbia is    the ONLY Jurisdiction for     the application and imposition of the special statutory  (private) laws of  Internal Revenue Code (IRC).


  It's unlawful to terminate or not hire private sector workers or contractors for failure to provide an IRS Form W-4 or W-9; [see DOJ Form I-9; or 8 U.S.C. 1324a(b), 1324a(b)(2); or Privacy Act of 5 USC Annotated 552(a).]


  No law requires private sector workers or contractors to obtain or disclose a social security number, see EEOC v. Information Systems Consulting  CA3-92-0169-T in the United States District Court - Northern District of Texas - Dallas Division; and the Privacy Act of 1973.


  Private sector companies are not required to report private sector earnings to third party collectors (Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return Form 941).


  Private sector companies are not required to issue or report annual Form W-2 or Form 1099 series payer data for private sector workers or contractors.


  Appearance for an IRS administrative summons is voluntary for the private sector, especially when the document lacks a valid, current OMB number..


  Answers to requests for information on an administrative summons  (without a valid OMB number) are voluntary for the private sector.


  Improve the quality of life for you and your private sector workers or contractors.


  Stop nonconsensual withholding and deductions from private sector pay for income taxes, social welfare benefits (workers comp, unemployment insurance) and programs, also social  security contributions.


  Private sector companies can opt out and revoke election to participate in voluntary withholding and deductions from private sector paychecks to government social welfare benefits and programs.



Protect your private sector worker and contractor property (paycheck) from NGO federal and state income tax debt collectors. Stand up and stop their erroneous non-judicial lien, levy, judgment, wage garnishment, seizure and forfeiture.  Laws and court cases protect your private sector worker/contractor Natural Law and unalienable Inherent rights regarding income taxes and their private sector labor.


How Private Sector Companies Benefit!

    • Increase your private sector company's bottom line by approximately 30%.

    • Minimize bad payer data reporting to almost nothing.

    • Increase private sector workers' take home pay up to 70% without affecting company profits.

    • Eliminate risk of lawsuits by workers/contractors for unlawful and unauthorized conversion of property.

    • Eliminate risk of lawsuits by workers/contractors for non-consensual taking from pay.

    • Eliminate risk of lawsuits by workers/contractors for violating Natural Law secured by the Declaration of Independence the Declaration of Human Rights.

    • Protect, uphold and defend the unalienable Inherent rights of your private sector workers, independent contractors or sole proprietors against defective, unenforceable unlawful debt collector liens, levies, judgments and garnishments.

Don't be surprised to learn there is no memorialized law compelling private sector companies to withhold or to deduct amounts from pay and to transmit amounts to any collector agency. Numerous Supreme Court cases clearly uphold that private sector workers' labor cannot be taxed upon. Legally stop the non-consensual taking from pay for withholding; or deductions for taxes, fees or other charges; social security contributions, plus social welfare benefits and programs forever. Stop the reporting of bad payer data to outside third parties.

No NGO income tax debt collector pays interest on the money they illegally confiscate from the private sector. Private sector workers and contractors simply cannot afford to allow the private sector companies to continue withholding money which rightfully belongs to your hard-earned labor. The private sector population should be in control of their money to invest it or exchange it however they desire or to improve their quality of life.

During the length of a private sector worker's labor years, they can save thousands of amounts of non-consensually withheld and deducted money that is rightfully theirs. Conservatively, in 10 years the private sector worker could save $104,000 (using the example below):

Taxes withheld each pay period       = $        200.00
Pay periods per year X               52
Total annual nonconsensual taking = $   10,400.00
Projected work years (10) X $ 104,000.00

Imagine what can be accomplished with $104,000.00!


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The information contained herein does not constitute legal advice or tax advice. This information has been provided for educational and informational purposes and is intended for the free inhabitant men and women as promulgated by Article IV of the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777.  The men and women are not under oath or allegiance of employment, fidelity, servitude to the United States Government, or to any agency or instrumentality or subdivision thereof, nor to the non-government organization: Internal Revenue Service. They are "nonfilers", non-registered voters, non- geographical U.S. citizens. and non-legislative U.S. residents.  They are not engaged in any federal internal revenue taxable activity, commodity, event, stamp, benefit, privilege, entitlement, or property. They are not engaged in the federal administration or enforcement of any internal revenue laws. The internal revenue code is special law, and does not apply to the free inhabitant men and women.

"The revenue laws are a code or system in regulation of tax assessment and collection. They relate to taxpayers, and not to nontaxpayers. The latter are without their scope. No procedure is prescribed for nontaxpayers, and no attempt is made to annul any of their rights and remedies in due course of law. With them [nontaxpayers] Congress does not assume to deal, and they are neither of the subject nor of the object of the revenue laws". Economy Plumbing and Heating Co. v. United States, 470 F. 2d 585 (1972)

"The laws of Congress in respect to those matters [Federal Income Taxation] do not extend into the territorial limits of the states, but have force only in the District of Columbia, and other places that are within the exclusive jurisdictions of the national government." Caha v. United States, 152 U.S. 211, 215, 14 S. Ct. 513 (1894)

When you are a "taxpayer" as relevantly defined at 7701(a)14, information can be obtained at

None of this information is intended to interfere with the proper administration or enforcement of the internal revenue code, which is 'special law.'. Nor can there be found any false, deceptive, or misleading commercial statement regarding the excludability of income known to be false or fraudulent in relation to any material matter or any information pertaining to the organizing or selling of an abusive tax shelter, plan, or arrangement that might incite taxpayers to attempt to violate the internal revenue laws, to unlawfully evade the assessment or collection of the taxpayers bonafide  federal tax liabilities, or to unlawfully claim improper tax refunds.

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