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Save your valuable time and your hard-earned paycheck.  We believe our professional services can assure living men, women and private sector company owners with the fine quality services at affordable, reasonable prices.

Preferred Services provides you affordable and easy access to sensibly handle your personal or company matters.   You make the decisions; we work at your direction.

Our compendium of professional services provide you with reasonable, efficient and reliable organizational, administrative, and self-help assistance for you or for your company.

In contrast to similar professionals, we venture away from the norm to seek a new perspective for interesting solutions to your vexing problems.  We provide creative and resourceful implementation of little-known facts to overcome your obstacles with well-researched insights most other professionals do not offer.  While we strategize your situation and analyze the options available, ideas emerge to help you achieve the reasonable results you seek.

About Us: 

  • We para-professionals are non-lawyers, non-medical, non-tax preparer, non-accountant professionals; assisting living men and women who are committed to making positive changes through the access of sensible, affordable, reasonable, self-help services and materials; and
  • Under your direction, we provide assistance in your research, selection, completion, preparation or submission of a form, letter, or other document; and
  • You will be acting of your own right and have the capacity to manage your personal or your private sector company matters; that you are not under any legal disability, and not under the power of another; and
  • When  you have “invested” money offshore, or you are involved in what IRS calls an “abusive tax shelter or an abusive transaction”) we are unable to assist since we are not educated about those matters and we have never knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily been involved in selling or promoting those items.

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     This site provides practical and educational information to assist living men and women safely with their own unique needs.  Lawful educational information is NOT the same as legal advice.  The application of law varies with each party’s specific circumstances.  The laws of every state are in constant change.  Although we go to great lengths to confirm our information is accurate and useful, we recommend you consult with a qualified, competent, knowledgeable professional or trusted adviser on all questions of law if you desire professional assurance that your interpretation of the posted information is appropriated to your particular situation.

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