To reserve a phone consultation appointment.

For your convenience, you can often handle most routine procedures from your home or your office.  Correspondence by fax, mail, phone, or e-mail saves you time and money.

You can arrange for a one-half hour phone consultation regarding your routine matter or your specific situation for only $75 using your check, cash, money order or credit/debit/ATM card.

User Support, Policy and Fees

Due to the high volume of daily phone, fax, e-mail and snail-mail inquiries received, we are unable to provide free consultation.  Clients must pre-pay the standard consulting fees.  Please understand, maintaining a Website and a free e-letter costs money.

When you have inquiries regarding procedures, forms or documents from a third-party source, please contact that other information source provider for answers to your inquiries, prior to contacting Preferred Services.

We recommend you become acquainted with the daily FREE Paycheck-Piracy e-letter.  To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to  The subscription is free.  Your e-mail contact information remains private since we never sell, give, lease, or rent your contact information.  The free e-letter is a one-way post, sent to you by an automated computer program, which is brilliant at sending e-mails, but completely hopeless at reading and responding to them!

You are also asked to review our Website to search for answers to your questions and learn from the free information posted on the various topics contained in our Web pages.

Initial Consultation: The fee for a one-half hour consultation is $75.00.  When you feel you need more than one-half hour to discuss your matter, you will send the correct amount in advance, pro-rated at $150.00 per hour (e.g., $300.00 for 2 hours).

Payment Preference:  Financial institutions are not your friends.  They violate your due process and freely disclose your account information to most government agencies and instrumentalities without your specific, knowing, voluntary, written consent, allowing government agencies and instrumentalities to seize deposits from your account without an order from a court of competent jurisdiction.  Please use the services of United Parcel Service (UPS) or Federal Express (FedEx) to delivery any cash, or blank traveler checks, or blank U.S. Postal Money Orders (which allow us to negotiate it freely).  Be sure to obtain a tracking number so you can e-mail the tracking number to us on the same day you ship your envelope to us.

Appointment Instructions:

1.  Client privacy is of the utmost importance to us.  Your contact data and payment information remain confidential.

2.  Be sure to include the e-mail address and the phone number where you are to be contacted during normal business hours, in the event we must re-schedule.

3.  Upon our receipt of your payment, we will contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable date and time for you to phone us.

4. At the start of the consultation, briefly:  A). Begin with a simple explanation (in a brief sentence or two) of your situation; B) Tell us the reasonable results you want to achieve.

5. The consultation is limited to one-half hour.  Please use your time wisely!

Note:  When you decide to contract our services for your specific matter, documents will be snail-mailed to you for your review and autograph.  Ancillary charges such as postage, copies, fax pages, Notary Public, courier deliveries and phone calls are additional costs/expenses and must be paid in advance.  This and other information is clearly included in the Agreement.  We will do our best to provide answers to your inquiries, but only after receiving the required pre-payment.

Fees:  We do NOT work on a contingency basis.  Fees are either hourly or fixed, according to services to be provided.  The fee will vary depending upon the particular matter to be handled for each client, taking into consideration factors such as: time, novelty, difficulty, skill required, responsibility, and preclusion of other matters.  The current hourly rate is $150.  Rates are subject to change without notice.  Clients are generally charged by the contracted fee, plus additional ancillary charges, some already mentioned above in the NOTE section.

The Deposit: We request a deposit from clients, to be applied as a credit against fees and costs. All monies received are earned when paid, and immediately become property of the company.  Deposit is a credit toward the contracted rate.  There are no refunds or abatements. The company charges a fee just to commence work on client matters and requires a deposit that becomes a credit to the client’s account at the contracted rate.  Client must read and understand the contract before signing.  A written contract is mandatory.  Understand your obligations.

Our Expectation Of Clients:  Our obligation to our valued clients includes giving written observations of options and expected reasonable results.  We advise clients to access the Internet and libraries to keep informed about the laws and legal procedures that affect each of them through various do-it-yourself, self-help publications and materials.  We keep the clients informed as necessary.

In order to meet our obligations and serve the client efficiently, we require our clients to meet their obligations, which include:

  • Fully and accurately complete any questionnaire and/or documents: do their “homework”.
  • Supply in writing the most accurate, updated, timely information; and
  • Respond promptly to requests for additional information; and
  • Attend court as and when necessary; and
  • Keep us apprised in writing of changed circumstances: i.e., address/phone; loss or change of job or financial condition.

    Pre-paid phone consultation appointment.

    Arrange for a one-half hour phone consultation.


We appreciate you inquired about our services.  We look forward to working with you.

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