Services Available

Certified Forensic Disability Specialist: Assist to obtain court due process of ADAA accommodations for people with invisible disabilities-hidden impairments.

Credit Analysis:  Protect against identity theft.  Purge your unsedured debt; remove inaccurate credit report items.  Dispute debt collector demand for payment or threat of lawsuit, lien, levy, seizure, offset and/or wage garnishment.

Document Abstractor:  Research public agency records for fact, error, or fraud (for mortgage, foreclosure, Notary robo-signing, signature forgery).

Estate Planning-Wealth Managment:  Effectively reduce or eliminate expensive Probate; avoid costly attorney fees and court expenses.

Mediation:  Settle disputes amicably and affordably to avoid frustrating litigation  time, costly attorney fees and annoying court expenses.

Nonconsensual TakingCreate or restructure your private sector company while providing document support to stop nonconsensual taking from paychecks of your private sector workders and contractors; and to stop reporting bad payer data.

Paralegals: are para-professionals providing direct assistance to living men and women with regard to a proces in which the law may be involved, such as: small claims, uncontested or no-fault divorce or separation; research; name change (statutory or common law); document preparation.  Civil or common law matters, cohabitation agreement, prenuptial agreement, cohabitation ceremony (instead of a statutory marriage ceremony).

Renter’s Recourse:  Reply to correspondence from landlord or property manager re: habitability problems, repairs, deposits, pets, smoking, parking, clutter, noise, termination or reduction of services, unauthorized roommate or sublet, etc.

Schedule a phone consultation:  During your initial pre-paid phone consultation we will provide you a fair, honest analysis to help identify what ethical options you have and which ones are best suited to help your needs.